Massive parquet board is a natural floor covering, consisting of individual elements in the form of boards made of solid wood of various species.
The length of the floorboard can be from 500mm to 2500mm.
Parquet board width: 80 - 200mm.
Edges and ends of parquet boards have a groove-comb profile for assembling them on the floor into a single parquet coating.
On the front surface of the parquet board can be applied varnish or oil finish.

Массивная Паркетная Доска

Solid wood parquet board is one of the most elegant materials for wooden floors.
No other type of parquet production can create in the room such a unique atmosphere of comfort and coziness as parquet from a massive board.
Only here you can see the living, open texture of wood, not cut as a result of its "technological grinding" in the production process!

We produce massive parquet board of the most popular items:

Parquet board solid oak. Size 15*120*700-1600 Chamfer 2мм     Price 1500 uah/m2

Parquet piece massif without facet. Size 15*90*700-1000           Price 1400 uah/m2

Discounts for orders from 100m2 - 20%